Posters, brochures and awareness material

Following awareness materials (posters, brochures….) are made available here for download.

Stop Glue Campain
“Stop Glue sniffing” Campaign (for download and print).
Aware the tourist and general public about the consequences of giving money to begging street children.

APC-Nepal’s Child Protection Policy (Nepali) (for download and print)
Designed with active participation of the children of APC, specifically adapted to programs and staff working with street children.

APC 2008 General Brochure

APC 2008 General Brochure
General introductory Brochure of APC’s programs (nepali and english).
(for download and print : page1page2).

Drop-in center brochure    Drop-in Brochure
Introductory Brochure of APC’s drop-in center (Nepali) (for download and print : page1page2).

How to help

Help us now with a secured donation through Paypal or by bank transfer.

Sponsor a Child with us

Help a child out of the street and back to his family and to school. Sponsor a child in Nepal through our funding partner Pomme Cannelle. more...