Training and Job Placement

The Training and Job Placement (TJP) program does not only aim at providing a variety of trainings to the youths of APC, it most importantly aims at ensuring proper and sustainable job – placement of the youths after the training. The TJP coordinator ensures that the youths are placed in the work after the training is completed, that they work in good conditions and are not exploited, and that they receive suitable and timely salaries. Thereafter, and for a typical duration of 3 to 6 months, the TJP coordinator conducts the follow – up of the youths on a regular basis in the workshops and companies to ensure that they are going to work daily and to solve problems that may occur. During job placement, youths are either re-integrated in their families with support of the FRFU program, or individually placed into supported accommodation for a finite period of time. The final aim of the TJP program is to ensure within 6 to 9 months financial and social autonomy to the youths by settling them in the community.

Life Skill

Life Skill training helps the children to build their survival strategies and broaden individual perspectives. Children living in the streets for several years gain ample amount of destructive elements which lead them to a social, mental and emotional turbulence. Due to this, Life skills play a crucial role in coping up with all the problems by enabling and empowering the children to make prudent decision making and problem – solving skills which ultimately bring optimistic and drastic transformation within them.

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