Rescue, protection and Management of street children:

Kalimati is an integrated rescue and emergency care program comprising several mobile teams of street workers, a drop-in and a night shelter offering refuge, counselling, orientation as well as emergency care (medical, fooding, clothing…) to more than 100 kids daily, working and living in the streets without any familial support.


Day and night, teams of street educators keep roaming in different places where children are known to gather in great number, such as Basantapur, Thamel, Pashupati, Patan, Kalanki, Swoyambhu, Bir Hospital, Mahakal, etc…

These educators, all of them ex-street children, are specially trained to provide on the spot emergency care and orientation to the street children they encounter.

image7 Emergency Medical Care in the streets. image6 Identification of children in the street.

Drop-in and Night Shelter

Kalimati Drop-in and Night shelter runs various socialization activities for / with street children. Since, it is an entrance point, many street children arrive in Kalimati. In addition, it is situated near Basantapur which makes is easy for the street children to visit the center.  The socialization activities aims at motivating  the children  to leave the street life and empower them to go to our Biya center where APC runs a Transit Home and VTC. Through its day to day activities, the staffs manage to build a kind of trustable and friendly relationship with the street children. 365 days a year and whole day long, it runs various recreational socialization activities such as dancing, singing, playing and drawing etc.


Children gathered at Kalimati DiC for TV show.

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