Awaraness and Participation

The staffs from the Awareness and Participation Program (APP) work with the children and the staffs of APC by providing them awareness on various issues such as Child Protection, CSA and Child Rights. Besides that, the APP team also puts efforts in making the stakeholders realize about their social responsibilities towards the street children. APP team works mainly with the children, staffs and stakeholders providing them awareness on child related issues. The sensitization intervention carried out via APP is to help the primary and secondary stakeholders enhance their grasp with regard to the sensitive and pathological child related issues.Sponsor a child in Asia


APC has undertaken an awareness programme in the streets related to anti – glue sniffing under the Awareness and Participation Program. An attempt had been made to sensitize both the street children and the general public about the impacts and consequences of glue sniffing. The issue of glue sniffing amongst the street children has emerged as one of the major problems which have divergent mental and social impacts on the behavior and attitude of the street children. Keeping in mind about the rampant escalation of glue sniffing amongst the street children, APC opted to conduct  “stop glue sniffing campaign” through the APP. APC had chosen 3 different places such as Basantapur, Ratnapark and Thamel as target areas for conducting the anti – glue sniffing campaign. Accordingly, APP carried out the anti – glue sniffing campaign in various streets with the stakeholders and tourists.

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