Centers and Activities

APC-NEPAL works with street children and children living at high risk because they are temporarily deprived of family support and supervision.

Its primary aspiration is to uphold and protect street children against the most common risks and vulnerabilities inherent to their age and living conditions. Likewise, its secondary aspiration is to resocialize and rehabilitate street children through a variety of programs. Final destination of APC is to either repatriate street children back into their families or resettle them in the society as autonomous and dignified members.

For that purpose, APC runs a wide range of complementary programs such as Outreach, Drop – in center,  and Reunification programs as well as high quality  education with full hostelling support.

School Education and livelihood support under rural and urban prevention program, to provide educational support for high risk children who live with his/her family, having higher chances to landing up in the street.

Association for the Protection of Children Nepal

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